Monday, August 20, 2012

Some MORE Elementary Thoughts...

  So, yesterday I went to the movies and they were playing this preview/first look/behind-the-scenes thing of Elementary. Not much for me to say about it except for two things:

  -Apparently there will be a nod to the books (yay, more hope they actually read them!) with Millerlock keeping bees. I read that the original, Canon!Holmes retired from detective work to take up beekeeping. And the best part of it was this line (which I'm probably going to paraphrase) from Millerlock:
"I'm writing a book on them, actually. In my head. I'm up to Chapter 19. Would you like to hear the last few paragraphs?"
  I said it before, and I'll say it again; I REALLY have hope for Jonny Lee Miller doing good as Holmes. (By the way; I learned that he and Benedict Cumberbatch once did a production of Frankenstein together, where they shared the role of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster (they swapped out who played who each night). Oh, the hilarious irony of them sharing a role again... And apparently those are, in fact, Miller's tattoos...)

  -And the other thing was this thing Lucy Liu ("Joan Watson") said that kind of irked me. She said the dynamic is different than if it were two men. It irks me because, well, why should the dynamic be different just because Watson's a woman, now? I know, technically they won't be (and forgive me for using TV Tropes terms) "heterosexual life partners" or "like brothers; not in blood, but in bond", but why can't they just be "platonic life partners", or "like a brother and sister; not in blood, but in bond"? This is just what I was worried about with this.

  I may be wrong/overreacting, but it's just how she worded it that's got me nervous. Especially since I've been unsure of the dynamic from what I've seen...

 ...Well, I was going to put my thoughts on two trailers I saw on this post, too, but... I think I'm going to make that a separate post. But I just want to wrap this up by saying something to most of the Sherlock fandom:

   Calm down.

  Yes, I know this show's existence is a bit suspicious. But still, you guys shouldn't just be hating this (before it's even aired) just because it's the same general idea of Sherlock IN NEW YORK! WITH A GIRL WATSON! I mean, on YouTube, I've never seen redder dislike bars, and I'm sure it's just because it exists.

  (And I had to facepalm at one user's comment that Elementary was ripping off Sherlock because Millerlock "said he got bored." No... just... no, darlin'. Sherlock got bored in the Canon, too. Hence, the cocaine, shooting "V.R" into the wall, etc.)

  It might not be the whole fandom. I mean, TV Tropes (from this discussion thread I read), has been pretty mature about it. Pintrest, well, we don't bring it up so much, but most of the time, it's not completely positive (but sometimes it's not negative). As for Tumblr, well... I can't speak for that, since I don't really go on there so much because:
  1. I figure it's one of those sites I'd waste too much time on,
  2. I can find Tumblr pics on Pintrest, and
  3. Some of the Tumblr stuff I've seen has left me saying "why would you draw that?"
 Anyway, we just need to relax. We can form an angry mob We can judge it after it premieres September 27th. Besides, we need something to get us through the hiatus besides just Doctor Who, right?

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