Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"The Reichenbach Fall" "Theories"

  It was the cry of "MY FEELS!" heard 'round The Internet. Thousands of Sherlock fangirls sobbed as Sherlock supposedly took his life. Then sobbed more when John was so sad. Then, lo and behold, Sherlock did live! But it left a burning question...

 This version isn't exactly the easiest to come up with an excuse for Sherlock's survival. I mean, there's no "We didn't really see the fall" or "They never found the body". And I've read some theories, such as: "The rubber ball plays a role!" And, "The body was someone working for Moriarty who traumatized the little girl!" But, this post isn't about serious theories.

...It's about insane, entertaining. humorous ones using absurd logic and shout-outs! :D
 So, to get them out of my system, here are some of my more..."creative" theories, a la my old "Random Guesses" posts...
   Okay, you can partially blame Disney for this. In the movie Tangled, Rapunzel's hair is magic and when she sings she can heal people when they touch it. But also DreamWorks had something kinda similar in Madagascar 3, only it didn't involve magic hair. IT IS A SIGN!

-Captain Jack Harkness
  Now, I could make a "Sherlock's a Time Lord" guess, but come on! I'm sure someone's already thrown that out there. So instead, let's go with Jack! I mean, he is immortal, after all. At first, I was thinking "blood transfusion when Sherlock was little, and the magic immortal Captain Jack blood kicked in for one-time use after the fall." But, reading Captain Jack's entry on the Doctor Who Wikia, it says that he was at one time shown to be able to transfer a little of his life force to others so they could recover. So, of course, Sherlock had Molly track down Harkness and they got him to give post-fall Sherlock a little life force. And, of course, much flirting ensued. The End.
-Respawn, (LOL)
  Sherlock simply respawned a la Halo. Think about it, at least in Multiplayer on Halo 3, when someone dies, they leave a body while they respawn elsewhere. Thus, explaining how there could be two bodies. Also, whenever you fall off something ("committing suicide"), it takes you a LONG time to get back. Sherlock "committed suicide", so it took him a while to come back. When you think about it, this kinda makes sense.
  Sherlock used a Life Model Decoy. 'Nuff said, True Believers.

-The Power of Love
  ...Well we can't rule it out! The power of love is a curious thing....

 ...and finally...

  Sherlock OBVIOUSLY made his skull into a Horcrux. That way, when he fell off the building, part of his soul would be safe. That was just Sherlock's soul we saw. The plot of Series 3's premiere (besides "The Empty House") will be forcibly taking Moran's blood (fulfilling the "blood of my enemy" part of the resurrection ceremony). Then, after all's said and done, Sherlock will de-Horcrux the skull (it's possible). And they all lived happily ever after until something terrible happened.

 Well, that's all I got. Anyone got anything "better"?

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