Monday, July 23, 2012

Do You Have The Time To Listen To Me Whine?: Netflix Has Made Me Irritated

  Okay, I really don't ask for much in life. All I really want to do is be able to re-watch series two of  Sherlock for some reviews I swear I'm going to do, and watch some movies I have little interest in besides the fact they star people I like in them. But nooooo, Netflix Instant View won't let me! GAH!

  I mean, they haven't updated Sherlock with the new series, and they don't have any of the three movies I'm trying to watch (War Horse, Star Trek, and GI Joe: Rise of Cobra). Seriously, look up any of those movies I listed on Netflix, they don't have them. It's especially egregious because I know they had at least Star Trek and GI Joe on there before. Granted, I wasn't interested in either at the time, but still, what gives?

  The Sherlock thing's not so bad for me. I mean, I'm willing to spend money to own copies of series one and two. But the others? I don't know anywhere where I can rent them (Redbox?) But I don't want to pay to watch those three movies only once at the most. It's a tad irritating.

  I mean, I want to do is watch Sherlock and Loki fighting in World War I, The Ninth Doctor be a hammy villain in Cobra, and watch a movie to understand what's going on in another movie I want to watch for superficial reasons! Is that so wrong?

  So, does anyone have any explanation for why they don't have these movies? Please?

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