Saturday, January 21, 2012


   Yep, I have more WMGs. Just to recap: Wild Mass Guessing is something from TV Tropes that people post their guessings and theories for a work. They can be serious ("_____ is the traitor") or hilarious ("Perry the Platypus is Agent P" (true WMG)). So, like last time, Guess is in bold, explanation is regular guess.

Darren Criss Will Get To Cameo in Legend of Korra

 I thought I read somewhere that Darren Criss was an Avatar fan. But seriously, it'd be awesome to have a character that resembles Darren singing in the background.

Or alternatively...

Criss Will Get A Role in A Disney movie and/or Kingdom Hearts

  I know fo' sho' that he's a Disney fan. It would be SO FREAKING AWESOME if he was in a future Disney Animated movie. Especially a musical. Or in Kingdom Hearts, what with it being 50% Disney. And maybe, just to up the awesome of potential Darren-in-KH, he could get a scene with Jesse McCartney (who's pretty freakin' cool, surprisingly to my younger self, Lil' Freak) and Quinton Flynn (one of the undisputed awesomeset voice actors EVAH!)! I would die of the sheer greatness.

David Gallagher has a bit of a mancrush on Riku

  Five words: "Riku is a sexy guy". That is all. Just... watch the first few minutes of this old interview. (It even has a musical remix, for those interested, on YouTube!)


 Yeah, my guesses are a bit more meta and not a crazy as last time, the old ones were better. But still.

 EDIT: One more I remembered:

Riku is a Horcrux For Xehenort

  I watched the last Harry Potter, and I think this works. Maybe when Riku was possessed part o' old Norty's soul broke off in our boy Riku. Plus, there's the whole "Xehenort rhymes with Voldemort" thing. Coincidence, I THINK NOT!!!!

There. I'm done.

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