Monday, January 23, 2012

A Theory Everyone's Overlooking....

    I just remembered a fairly good theory I came up with that didn't make my ridiculous "RANDOM GUESSES 2" post. And I felt this one deserved a bit of back story.

   So, in the new Avatar series, Legend of Korra, there are metalbender cops. And the chief of the metalbender cops is Chief Bei Fong (no first name given for her). She is Toph's daughter.

  Now, there is a LOT of speculation surrounding Chief Bei Fong. Besides "Who's the daddy?", there's the whole "why does she have her mom's last name?"

    Two of the theories I keep hearing are "Maybe Toph was a single mother" or "Maybe her possible husband took TOPH'S family name instead". There may also be a theory she kept hers, but I don't recall it.

  But I think everyone's looking over the OBVIOUS answer....

  Chief Bei Fong kept her Mom's last name as a sign of how bad to the bone she is.

    Look into your feelings, you know it to be true...

  Think about it. Toph is the greatest Earthbender in the world in the first series. After all, she invented Metalbending. Now, if you were the DAUGHTER of the greatest Earthbender in the world, wouldn't you want the world to know? Show that you are NOT to be messed with.

  It would be a way of saying, "Hey! The blood of one of the undisputed greatest Earthbenders to ever live pumps through my veins! Do you really want to test your luck in a fight with me?"

  Anyone agree with me? Anyone disagree with me? What are YOUR thoughts on the "Bei Fong Name Debate"?

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