Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Opinion of Tim Burton Movies

   Well, yesterday The Freak was a little under the weather, so she did what any sane sick person would do... watch Invader Zim and try and advance more through Final Fantasy X and the PS2 version of Sims 2. But, there was another thing I did. I watched Planet of the Apes (the Tim Burton version) and Corpse Bride. And, well, I wasn't blown away, to be honest. I preferred Rise of the Planet of the Apes to Planet of the Apes. Though I had these great bit of MSTings I did toward the end of Planet of the Apes:

(After Leo (the human guy played my Mark Wahlberg) kisses Ari (the ape played by Helena Bontham Carter)
The Freak: (sings) I kissed an ape, and I liked iiiittttt....
(Leo is kissed by Daena (the human chick played by Estella Warren (went to Wikipedia for the actress's name)))
The Freak: (as Leo) I preferred kissing the monkey... ape.

  Anyways, Tim Burton movies are always hit and miss for me. Some of them I LOVE (Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), and others are kind of "Eh, not great, but not bad (Alice in Wonderland (not what I was expecting), the two above). I mean, I don't HATE Burton movies, they're just not the be-all the end-all to me.

  But I do LOVE Danny Elfman's songs for Tim Burton's movies. (Then again, I love almost ANY song by Danny Elfman) And I do admit I can't get "The Remains of the Day" from Corpse Bride out of my head. That song was pretty awesome.

 So while I my debate the quality of Tim Burton's movies, I will always agree that Danny Elfman writes awesome music for them (ya know, in the movies he composes for).

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