Monday, January 30, 2012

Japan Has A Realease Date For KH 3D, English Website Up, And More!

   Japan's release date for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is now officially March 29, 2012. Sadly, there is no official release date for North America or Europe yet.

  But we got the official website up now! Whoo!

  Yeah, they don't got much yet. All that's up right now is another trailer, in Japanese (but the localized trailer's coming soon). It's more or less Jump Fiesta Trailer: The Abridged Version, but there are some new additions worth a look.

    Also, there's to be a Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box coming out soon (in Japan, at least), that's to have all sorts of wonderfulness to commemorate the series' milestone. IT will contain KH 3D and the two traditional DS entries of the series (358/2 Days and Re:coded, (already got those, though)), 12 post cards with the cover art from the past games, and a protect cover. And there's a hardware bundle. Hmm... maybe I should hold out a little longer before I rush out and grab a 3DS, in case the US gets this offer...

 Now, I leave you with this new screenshot, showing FANTASIA MICKEY!

  *gasp* Could it be? The King, possibly dabbling in teh dark magikz? I dunno, but I can't wait for the English game just for an explanation...

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