Friday, September 16, 2011


 Today you're getting two posts! So I'm going to state a random Fact.

 As of this post, I've gotten 16 views from outside the US (which is cool to me.)

 I've gotten:

  • One from Lithuania. (Hi! Mr./Ms./Mrs. Lithuanian Person! I don't know where that is, sadly, but I know it's in Europe and I appreciate you visiting once!)
  • Two from Russia. (Greetings, Russians! Sorry my Not Amused, Marvel post had nothing to do with Monty Python (yes, I know what you were looking up when you found my little blog. Scary, no?))
  • Four from The UK. ('Ello, good-ol' United Kingdom-ites! How's it going 'cross the pond?)
  • Four from France. (Bonjour, French! Stay unique!)
  • And Five from Germany. (Guten Tag, Germans! You know I have some German lineage? Just sayin'.....)
 So thanks all you Europeans for visiting! And for humoring me with a visit or two. I really appreciate it and hope you all come back sometime. Multiple times, preferably. Pweeeeease? Thanks!

 The Loveable Freak is Grateful.

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