Friday, September 16, 2011

Everything I Know, I Learned From INVADER ZIM

 As I said in the post before, you're getting two posts today.

 You know how they have those "Everything I Know, I Learned From ______"? Like for Star Wars? And they have all sorts of crazy "facts" form the subject? Like for Star Wars, one of them was "Always let the wookie win". So a long time ago, I started one for, *drumroll*, INVADER ZIM!

 Here we go!

 Everything I Know, I Learned Form Invader Zim

*More organs means more human*Absorbency, Electrical Conductivity, and an unspeakable thing with a beaver and a toy taxi are the true tests of friendship*Humans don't have squeedly-spooches*If a big 'splody goes fast, it gets all bad*'sploding hurts*The FBI is a craft law enforcement agency founded in 1492 by demons to hunt aliens*There's waffle in waffles*It's four promotions from frycook to ruler of all mankind*Paranormal Investigation is a legitimate field of study*Mercury and Mars are spaceships*Martians worked themselves into extinction to convert their planet into a starship*People love shaking*Our society is a perilous house of cards destined to collapse under its own weight*The universe is just doomed*Dreams lead to hideous implosions*Paranormal Investigation isn't just a bunch of people who believe in anything, they also disprove the frauds*Space will eventually implode in on itself*Humans don't have arm-control nerves*People can't resist a fat man with presents*You can't pay for cookies with ham*Tuna is worth nothing*The moose is not wielding any sort of projectile weapons*We're not pigs*

So there it is! Anything I missed? This hard to read? Let me know in the magical comments and I'll fix this!

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