Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Artwork #4 and #5: Lea and Teenpool Shenanigans!

 Sorry I didn't do this Saturday, but I'm doing it today! And I'm posting two today, since they have the same vibe.

 Pop Quiz? Who's Loveable Freak's favorite character from Kingdom Hearts? If you guessed Axel, you're correct! (If you also guessed Roxas, Vanitas, Luxord, and Xion, who are also up there, you are also correct and GET OUT OF MY MIND, TELEPATH!) Now who's one of Loveable Freak's favorite Marvel characters? You guessed Nightcrawler (He's one, if you've read one of my earlier posts I'll give you that..)? Yes, but he's not in this one. Hawkeye? True, but he was in last week's pic, I'm not using him this week. Rogue? Yes, but she's not in the pic either and I TOLD YOU GET OUT OF MY MIND! Human Torch? GAH! TELEPATH, YOU'RE MAKING ME UNCOMFORTABLE! And he's not in this. The answer is Deadpool.

 So, for funsies, I drew my beloved Axel and Deadpool in two pictures. The twist? Axel is in his original teenage persona, Lea, and Wade Wilson has been transformed into a teen, too. Here's the first, with  Teen DP in "civvies", and with zits.

Aw, he hasn't learned to use yellow textboxes... or swear yet.

 Between you and me, I think Deadpool and Axel would be awesome working together. Oh, the destruction. Them teaming would be the greatest/most hilarious/most terrifying possible thing to happen in the Kingdom Hearts series. Hey, Disney owns Marvel, it's a possibility. Those Square-Enix guys worked the miracle of fusing Final Fantasy and Disney together, they could find a way to work in Marvel...

Ahem... Sorry about that tangent. Here's the second one. It has two "special" guest stars.

You don't wanna know what "Teenpool's" been up to...
 Yep, "Teenpool" and Lea are antagonizing Teenage!Cyclops and Isa. This one's my favorite of the two pictures today. Who wants to make bets on the manner in which Teen-Cyclops and Isa kill our heroes?

 There we go! Come back Saturday when I (hopefully) post another one!

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