Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Loveable Freak Talks About The News: Spongebob Bad For Little Childwen


 So yesterday in the news they were talking about this study saying Spongebob was bad for small children (small being like under six). However could this be?

 Well, appartently, for children under six, it's not good for them to watch shows with such "fast pacing". It messes with their learning ability or something. It's better for them to watch shows with a slllllloooooooowwwwweeeerrrr pace. Basically, LITTLE KID SHOWS! And what did Nickelodeon have to say about this?

 They said, basically, "Well, four-year-olds aren't supposed to watch it. It's demographic is 6-11 year olds."

 Wow. That goes against the "all about the money, folks" belief I have about these companies. I mean, with all their "BUY OUR SPONGEBOB MERCHANDICE!" stuff. Anywho, aren't periferary demographics a good thing? Just sayin'.

 But you know, if parents didn't just camp their kids in front of anything with flashing, hypnotising, pretty colors, there wouldn't be this problem. Besides, if a certain episode of Pokemon is any indicator, putting kids in front of flashing colors is not always a good idea......

 Spongebob seems to get a LOT of issues about stuff, at least as one article I read pointed out. There was this whole "gay" thing from long ago (I think it's a long story that I don't know much info on, just that there was an issue). And appartently, there are some issues with  some "promoting global warming education" thing I just now heard about.

  My inner ZIManiac (my pitiful attempt of giving the fandom a cheesy, mildly stupid little nickname, like "Trekkies" have) feels the need to say something. Please, Spongebob fans, take no offense, I've been mature about the whole "ZIM Fans Hate SpongeBob" thing the majority of fans seem to have. I used to love SpongeBob, but the newer stuff.... eh. I TRY NOT TO BE THE MONGOOSE TO YOUR SNAKE!


 I would like to point out ZIM never got too many controversies. Just the whole "It's dark" thing and apparently ONE murder trial thing relating to "Dark Harvest", but that was an isolated incident! The guy sounded like a psychopath. Just saying.

 So that's all I have to say about it! I leave you with this beautiful image:

Surprised There Was No Hooplah About THIS Giving The Childwen Nightmares

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