Thursday, January 17, 2013

Well, Since There Won't Be A New Elementary Tonight Or Next Week...

  ...I've decided to use this time for some spring three weeks into the new year cleaning! I have a bunch of post drafts here, and I figure I'd better finish them and put them out. So, here's some of what to expect (though I may change my mind on some of these):

  • Two MSTs of "trollfics" I have lying around
  • A sort of "series" I wanted to start on characters I feel are underutilized in various things
  • Something on the pros and cons of fandoms I happen to be a part of
  • More "for the lulz" theories regarding "The Reichenbach Fall"
  • A "Things I Would Pay And/Or Kill A Man To See" post
  • And possibly a list of my favorite things about Marvel's Cinematic Universe
  ...So that's what to expect, dearies. The first post of my new year clean-out (an MST) should be up really soon.

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