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MST #2: Doctor Huh?

  Hey, you know what? I feel like finally MSTing something again! This is another one of Sue Mary's works (we all remember "her", right?) But this time, she takes into the world of Doctor Who... I think... It's madness. (Madness? THIS! IS! TROLLFIC!)

  Well, in the words of Eleven, Geronimo!

(EDIT: I Fixed this because I was having issues with the font color, it should be all good now! :D)

Doktor Hoo is a pretty cool dude eh doesnt afraid of anything. But wat wud happen if an evil one? Or Supahman was dere? That was the inpiration for this story!

...Well, I'm sure this will be a well-written piece of literary masterpiece...
Doctor Huh?
A Originial an Offisial Fanfict by Soo Maree
...Or not...
City Town, Plaent Earf, ats place da Daily Bungle noos was getting made with peoples like Lowes Layne and Cark Kentle.
I visited City Town, Plaent Earf once! It was nothing like the brochure.
“SOPT TEH PRESSES!” Goonzo elled to lowd sonds. “Sum body is rubbing the bank!”

...Um... o-kay... so some weirdo's rubbing the bank... must be a slow news day. Does the guy think he's going to get a genie?

Also, WHO THE HECK IS "GOONZO"? Is that like Gonzo from The Muppets? Do they all work for a muppet?

...That would be awesome.
Chlark new wat he had 2 do so he jumped ot the winnow and landed at fone booth. He go inot the fone booth and taked off all his cloths. Leetle did anyone no Clark Kempt was aslo… SUPAHMAN!

Ohmygosh my mind is totally blown! I mean, who ever thought the guy who looks just like Superman in glasses was actually Superman? Next you're going to tell me Jim from IT and Richard Brook on Sherlock are both Moriarty. Or that Bruce Wayne is Batman or something crazy like that...
Bu when Clark as fooly nakd some1 sayd “WAT ARE U DOIN IN MY HOSE!?!”
...Wait, I thought Superman wore his suit under his clothes...

 ...And what is he doing in a someone's hose? ...I'm disturbed to know about your sick personal life, Supes...
A man of british and so much bowtie was stare at hims.
 Eh had a majik scroodiver that was mad of siense.
 “I am tryin to chanje to supa mode why U here?” Supes asked bakk. “I am DOCTOR HOO I life here in da Fone Booth its call TURDIS and go on space ventures.”
Ahem... there are so many things wrong with this.
  1.  He's just "The Doctor".
  2. Technically, it's a Police Box, and
  3. It's spelled "TARDIS".

 ...Carry on.


“Well I haft o stop a bnak rubrery.” Auperman titened his pecs to show he was s a strung heero. “NO! U will be my companon and we wiil fite my evil twin Doctor Huh?!”

I like how The Doctor's more or less kidnapping him. But if I've learned anything from The Nostalgia Critic, it's that if he calls it an adoption, it's okay! :D

 Supearamn didant like this develtement and pressed body against the fone booth winnow to so pepole cold see him and no he was in danger “HEY U KIDDIES HELP ME IM BEEN KIDNAPPED!”

Yes, oh Man of Steel! Ask the small children to help you. They will surely be assets...



Supes yelled to sum kiddies but Supeaman was still covered in naked so teh kiddies only saw his huge ‘kelp bunny’ and balls so they were tramartized and scared for life an experimented wif all the otters.




...I have no proper way to react to this...
Da TARTIS got a big rosacea unner neath that blowed up to make it floo up to hier and it wass in spaece Doctor Who sat at Superman “Wach out there isp ace traffic.” 

 "But Doctor, couldn't we just go through the time stream to a time where space traffic isn't so bad? This is a time machine, right?"

 "No, this is ace traffic. Completely... Different. You can't avoid it. It's a fixed point. Plus, it's so... acey-wacey..."

And they was caut in a traffik jum. The Normanty flied if by and hit space fone booth so Doktor Hoo got angried “Hey stope doin that Mormondy!!!!!i13”

What the HECK is a "Normanty"? Or "Mormondy"? Whatever... 
“Its not my falt dat my game endin is bad I am not sorree!” Commamary Shepared grubeed and floo off but the exhast made TURDIS span sidewise and not get no were.

Oh, it's from thse Mass Effect game I've never played. With that ending I keep hearing about. Since I have little knowledge of the series besides that, I'm just going to nod and laugh politely...
 “OH no I AM have a sickly!” Supemon blowed up chunks all over DOKOTR WHO was really mad at the dirty of his place. 

  Man, Digimon have gotten weird since I've watched it...

“Stop burfing up my playse u jerk!IU!IO” Superman did not sorry at Docta becos he was relay made n’ ungry at the supanap. 

"I barf in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries."

 "Is there someone else I can adventure with?"

 "No. Now go away or I shall spray you a second time..."
Bajck on Earth the bank rub was goin down supper bad.

"I keep rubbing this inanimate object, but nothing's happening! I WANT MY DANG GENIE!"
“Gife me alls da money or ill shot yuo all up!2o” 


Tihs was no orindary rubber it was… DOCTOR HUH!!!!

What a twist!
“OK OK heers all are monee just dot kill us weer good dudes.” The bak manajerk did so much of handing the mones. “I will rub all the banks and becos I HAVE ROSACEAS!!! All the pepole gapped at his huge rosaceas reddy to fire an kill.

What kind of freaky skin condition do you have? Is it a Time Lord thing?
None cold stop Doktor Huh or cold they….?

No. No they can't. Maybe someone warmer, though... 
Meenwhile at the same time Doktor HOO an Spuman were still in spase lookin for Doctor Huh no noin that hes rubbing the banks!

Well, that would probably be awkward for The Doctor, knowing he's related to a weirdo who rubs banks..
 “He is cloose now.” But sum robots that was like trasscans but not amd had plujer wepons attacked.

Oh, no. Tell me they're not...
Superman codant used his powers becos he was nekked an didant want pepole to see him like that.

Still? Eleven, what is it with you and not properly clothing people when you go on your first TARDIS adventures together?
“Oh no thoss robots!” Doktor used his majerk crewdriver to make a spase helmut to go to out and combat wif dem.

 Hey, it's that Sonic Screwdriver power we've never seen! And yet, it still can't do wood... 
The robost fired bad stuff at Doctor Hoon but he had a sheelds to they refelcted back to kill a few. “EXSANGUINATE!!!IO1~~1111”

NO! It is... The Daleks! (And they aren't robots. They're more like aliens in robot suits/alien cyborg thingies... (that's putting it scientifically))
 Sai the robots and they fried rosaceas at Doktor Woos place were Superman was. A big rosacea hittled him rite in da face and it mades Supes supah angory.

"NO!! MY BEAUTIFUL FACE HAS A SKIN CONDITION! YOU WILL PAY!!!" (I apologize to anyone with rosacea, I mean no offence, BTW)

“All rite its time for wat I lik to call: DA KRYPTONIAN SLUSHY!11io!” Auper floo in thru space and sarted to kill them but taking the robots an put ebtween his pekkz to skwish them all hard till they was like slussy.

Superman just crushed some Daleks in between his pecks.

Superman just crushed some Daleks in between his pecks.

...Wrap your head around that.

Doctor Who was ver impressed at powerful move. “Now dat was a REEL FITE. Yur more powaful than I thotted, Supermens.” Doktor What congratulationed with British integrity.

"...congratulationed with British integrity." That is the greatest phrase in this whole fic.


 Supes and Doktah gapsed, the bank was it the hole time?

Yes, now run before it tags you! (Lame joke is lame) 
“Well don’t worry then we can just kill him qwick.”

Bu-but the Doctor doesn't like killing. Unless it's Daleks 'cause they're evil.



And the TADRIS killed Doktor Huh with a orbital strike to kill him.

Greatest Anti-Climatic Ending Ever!

“Thanks Dock, now we both win.” So Doktor Who and Supperman wents off to have lots of more coold adventares!

YAY! Remember kids: when someone kidnaps you, don't worry! They'll lead you on cool adventures in their spaceship!

(mayebt more latter but ony if u revyoo guyz like rthis 1)

  Sadly, there probably won't be, for our dear Sue Mary got kicked off of because of Critics United. (Long story short, they're kind of the "Stop Having Fun, Guys" of the site and led to the deletion of several fics that were written solely for fun/entertainment, including all of Sue Mary's and "her" alter ego Marissathewriter's work. Even though they clearly weren't serious. And yet, stories that are genuinely horrible still got to stay. While horribly hilarious ones got the boot. There is no justice on the interwebs...) Though you can still find some of "her" work on Tumblr.

  Anyway, this is, as usual, a terrible fic. A terribly hilarious one. Well, glad I finally finished this one. Now to continue my draft clearout...

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