Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Please, Jim, Will You Fix It For Me?"

... So, my beloved Benedict Cumberbatch did not win at The Golden Globes.

  I am dissapointed. He really deserved it. Oh, well; he still has that Crime Thriller Award (which looks SO MUCH COOLER by the way...) But he's still amazing. It just be nice if The Hollywood Foreign Press Assosiation could've rewarded it...

  In other news, I've decided I'm never watching Hatford and McCoys as it is no doubt awful and not as good as Sherlock... >:(


  1. Benedict deserved it. They did not award him, probably to keep Elementary's reputation(?) intact.


    1. Heh. Probably. It's funny that "TV's #1 New Show" (as they boast) got no nominations. (Though my understanding of how these award shows nominations work is very little...)