Friday, January 11, 2013

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 12 "M"

   Oh. My. Gosh.

  After a week of reciting the mantra "please don't screw this up" over and over, and preparing for the best and worst case scenarios, this episode has finally arrived. And may I just say one thing: I'm gonna start reciting the mantra "Please give Benedict Cumberbatch a Golden Globe this Sunday, because he's earned it", since apparently the chanting worked!

  So, it's time to actually, *gasp*mostly gush about an Elementary episode! Let's go on and on about this thing! Beware the...

  It's the last few days of Joan's tenure as Sherlock's sober companion, and reluctant as she is to leave, she wants to wrap things up right. But then they get called in for a homicide. What happens is a person has been murdered in a rather macabre way: he was hung upside down and had his neck slit, resulting in loosing all blood in his bod, then dumped the body somewhere else, leaving only the puddle. (Already I could tell this is was going to be fun! >:D ...Am I a terrible person for thinking that?) When the duo gets there, Sherlock knows all-too-well who's done it. A mysterious killer known as "M", who Sherlock's been looking for since England. But this time, Sherlock's not looking to get the killer arrested. He's looking for revenge for Irene Adler's death...

  First of all, I rarely comment on the writers here with Elementary, but this time the creator came around to write for the first time since "Pilot" and "While You Were Sleeping"And may I just say he's been holding out on us, both with those episodes and not writing any other times. THIS. EPISODE. WAS. AWESOME.

  First of all, Millerlock. He really goes into a dark place here. He ends up capturing the killer and taking him to an abandoned storage place to torture and kill him, with all sorts of instruments to deliver pain with. He says this one line about how he thought of using bees to torture him, but realized "M" might be allergic and said something like "I didn't want our little game to end so soon". I seriously think he was a hanging hook to "M"'s shoulder and a record player playing music by Schubert away from straying into Moriarty territory. He gets better at the end, but still, yikes. Almost as bad as The Ninth Doctor when he discovered the last Dalek...

 I also liked his brief story about his and Irene's relationship, and why she was so special to him. I could believe that for him...

  ...And he admitted he was going to miss Joan! That made my heart happy...

  And now for Joan! First of all, turns out, like John on Sherlock, she has a therapist, too. And you can see that she wants to stay (as her therapist points out). She even admits to Millerlock that "I'm going to miss this..." There's also my usual gushes about her cleverness and deductive skill. And you could see her concern for Millerlock, and she tries to keep him from going over the edge. And, in the end, after everything is done, she voices her concerns to Daddy Holmes, and requests she stays. But that big jerky-jerk head Daddy Holmes says "no", but Joan decides to stay anyway, paid or not! :D Though she lies to Millerlock and says he's letting her stay. Joannie, lying is wrong, but if it keeps you around I'm okay with it!

  Now the big thing: who is our assassin? Well, it's not Moriarty, sadly. It's something even better. Someone I figured it probably was from the first few minutes...

  Sebastian. Moran.

  Moriarty's right hand man Sebastian Moran!

  I got the dorkiest grin when it turned out to be him! Vinnie Jones, the actor who plays him here, did great as Moran. I could totally see this as a modern Moran. He won me over in the first few minutes. Heck, during the "pre-torture" scene, I was begging Millerlock not to kill
 him! I was saying, "No, Millerlock! Don't kill Moran! He's the second best thing to appear on this show (first being Joan) and the best antagonist since "Child Predator"! LISTEN TO THE ASSASSIN!!"

  And Moran wasn't the one to kill Adler. No no, that was his employer...


 Again, I got the biggest, dorkiest look of joy on my face. I wish I could show you my notes at this point, because they're hilarious, but Blogger's being uncooperative with uploading new photos. Oh well, maybe in a different post...

  Okay, final notes:
  • Nods to Canon were Millerlock admitting one of the reasons he did drugs before Irene died was boredom and the fact he seemed to have a group like the Baker Street Irregulars here.
  • I had a lot of favorite scenes. Mainly the "Me. Baton." scene, a lot of Moran's scenes, the fact Millerlock suspects a Vietnamese restaurant is smuggling songbirds, and the "pre-torture" scene.
  • So, your house is your "Sanctum Sanctorum", eh, Millerlock? Please tell me that was a Doctor Strange reference...
  • I wasn't found of the one "Irregular-eske" kid. JOANNIE IS NOT A HOOKER, PEASANT!! D:<
  • Yes, every woman gets dressed in the living room of where they're at with a giant window open when their in a high-up building... *eyeroll*
  • Apparently, when I was looking up Vinnie Jones, it turns out he was a former soccer player. Moran watches a lot of soccer, even on the job. I see what you did there, writers...
  Overall, this episode was awesome. I'm actually... excited for the next episode. Hopefully they'll be consistent now that they've had this episode. This is the sort of thing I was hoping for with this. |

  But bad news is there won't be a new episode next week. Already? Ugh! (Was I just disappointed there won't be a new Elementary next week? Weird...)


  1. I too was not very keen on the female nudity in this episode. Vinnie Jones' M being a fan of British soccer was a nice idea.

    May be, it is as well that Elementary takes a break - as long as they can maintain the quality of the episodes.... After all, less is (mostly) better!

    1. Yeah. Just look at Sherlock, with it's six episodes going on nine! ;P

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. My thoughts exactly.

      Sherlock is an excellent role model, when it comes to making a good Sherlock Holmes adaptation in all aspects!