Friday, January 4, 2013

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 11 "Dirty Laundry"

  Eh. It's another Elementary. And, as usual, the show continues it's consistency with inconstancy in quality.

 What the heck, I think I'll do spoilers this episode, since there really doesn't seem to be much to talk about this episode. River, will you do the honors?

  Sherlock and Joan investigate a murder where the hotel's manager's corpse was stuffed into an industrial washing machine. And things just get overly-complicated from there.

 Also, it's revealed Joan will only be with Sherlock for 10 more days as his sober companion, tehsn she leaves... *ahem*

  ...And Millerlock is counting down the days. because he totally won't miss her or anything. Which is why he offers her a sort of apprenticeship where she comes by each week to work with him on a case ("in exchange for housework"). Heck, he even offers to fake relapsing so his father will continue to pay for her to stay! (Though I just thought that in that situation, wouldn't his father just get him a different one if that didn't work out? I dunno, I may be over thinking as usual...) Yeah, he's come a long way from "I can't wait to you leave, woman!" And, I'll admit, even though I KNOW she isn't leaving the show ('cause if she did, well, there goes the only constantly good thing here and I may give up), I don't want her to go, either. Even if it means having to deal with more "eh, alright" Millerlock!

  As for Joan, she was amazing as always, but since this episode was meh, it didn't feel as fantastic. But she was still fantastic. First of all, she was clever as usual, and once again sees things Millerlock doesn't. I love the bond she forms with the victim's daughter here, too. It was probably one of the better things here.

  And now the case. Alright, this one just seemed to get a little ridiculous with the twists. Don't get me wrong, I love twists, but there is such a thing as too much. Like this episode. First, it's revealed the manager woman was secretly allowing prostitutes to "do business" in the hotel bar. (I feel that if this show had a drinking game, the mention of prostitutes would probably be one of the things to take a shot for...) Then that she was possibly blackmailing their high-profile clients. Okay, that was decent. But nooooo.... THEN it turns out that she wasn't blackmailing them! She and her husband were Russian spies, and her friend was their handler. Okay, seriously? That's kinda stretching it to me.

  Then we have the usual "non-twists" (another thing for a possible drinking game) this episode always does. The daughter who we meet in the first few minutes says she killed her mom by accident (something I kind of figured), and then it turned out, no, the handler we met in the first few minutes was murderer (I kinda figured that, too). I think even Millerlock was a little aware of how ridiculous this episode had gotten, since the evidence they use against him is invisible ink from the pen the victim stabbed him with. (He even says, "I know, it's ridiculous...")

  Yeah, not quite much to talk about. It was kinda lame this week. Buuuut.... there's a promise of something not so lame next week. But first, final thoughts (since they're quick):
  • I liked most of Joan's snark this episode (as usual), the fact Millerlock actually served spaghetti in a mug, and for some reason, Millerlock drinking coffee (from a tall coffee cup) while holding a saucer underneath it amused me. And of course, Joan's interactions with the spies's daughter.
  • The only sorta canon nod I noticed was Millerlock calling Joan "my dear Watson", which I don't think he's done yet.
  • I did however notice a reference to Get Smart, where Millerlock says he doubts the handler has a "phone in a shoe".
  Overall, really disappointing as usual. Especially having just re-watched one of my favorite versions. But, who knows? The next episode may not be so bad. After all, it looks like Moriarty's finally coming to play!

  I'm admittedly excited! Might be a little soon, but the more canon characters the merrier! They had better not screw this up! I mean, these guys promised me Irene a few episodes ago, and then they denied me her by having her allegedly dead! >:(

  Oh, and speaking of Irene, apparently he did kill her here, too. (Called it!) And apparently the two (Irene and Sherlock) were apparently romantically involved. Not surprised. And obviously Millerlock already knows about Moriarty.

  I kind of can't wait for next week, now! How much you want to bet I'll end up disappointed?

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