Friday, August 24, 2012

Brief Post: Sherlock Series Three Hint Words

  So, on Twitter, Moffat and Gatiss revealed three "hint words" as to what to expect for Series 3 of Sherlock.



 And "Bow". (as in taking a bow)

  I know the first episode will have to do with "The Empty House". I have NO idea what "rat" could be referring to.

  As for the wedding, I have two theories: the obvious one is that they'll do The Sign of Four, the story that introduced Watson's wife, Mary Morstan.

 But, I also thought of "The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton". In that story, the aforementioned Milverton blackmailed women who were getting married. Plus, Sherlock (in order to get information on the blackmailer) gets engaged to a woman (which is never brought up again afterwards). That story could very well work. Those are the two stories that jump out at me for "wedding".

  As for "bow", the only thing I can think of is "His Last Bow" (which I haven't read yet) but apparently it was the story where Sherlock Holmes retired from detective work (this being Doyle's second attempt to finish with Holmes. It worked as well as RIECHENBACH! *scare chord* *thunderclap* did). I'm suddenly scared they might end it here. But, they can always rearrange the order of stories. And, technically, His Last Bow was also the name of the collection the story was in, so it could be any of those seven.

  And there's ALWAYS the theory that Moffat and Gatiss gave us some red herrings and are totally trolling the fanbase again. Moffat! *shakes fist*

  Help me out here, guys. Anybody got any ideas? Especially for "rat"?

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