Saturday, September 8, 2012

Not Going To Put It Off Anymore

  Long ago (like, in March or April or something), I said I was going to write a Sherlock/Harry Potter "crossover" fanfic and post it here on my blog. Weeelll, I've sort of procrastinated on it. Like, a lot. But no more!

  You see, I've been busy and haven't been posting. And, well, I've kind of been distract-Ohmahgosh, I'm having a Doctor Who marathon! Wheeeeeee!!!!!


  Anyway, since I haven't been posting much, I want Skepkitty to be able review my fic (or MST it if it turns out to be bad enough, whatever, either's awesome) on The Half World, and I really have nothing else to do (CURSE YOU BBC AMERICA! AND YOUR BEING ON CABLE AIRING NEW DOCTOR WHO! I DON'T GET THAT TV NO MORE!!!! *insert hashtag phrase here*) I'm putting it up today and for the next... err... 15 days (16 chapters. Brace yourselves...)

  So, that's what's going to happen. I'm going to also put up a page to direct people to the fic for easy access.

  ...Yeah, this post is just to cut down on an author's note. It's mostly pointless.

  Expect the first chapter in a few minutes. This will either be my best work yet, or and epic fail. Oh well. Just get ready! :D