Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yet Even More of The Freak's Thoughts on Elementary

  Yep, I'm back! From outer space. Oh, it feels fantastic to have The Internet back. I've been lost without my Blogger. *happy sigh* It's good to be back.

  Well, enough of that, back to business. So the official trailer for CBS's Elementary was released during what I'm going to refer to as "The Dark Time" where I was cut off from The Internet. Anywho, as I've done before, twice, I'll be stating my thoughts on this based off what I've seen. I think I might get a little bit more nitpicky about this, so be forewarned.

  -Okay, first of all, we see a bottle of Xanax it the opening clips of the trailer. Is... is this what Sherlock was sent to rehab for? *facepalm* Not cocaine? OH COME ON! At least let him get sent there for his canonical drug of choice! Modern or not, at least they'd admit that little fact people who don't/didn't read the original books don't know! (Heck, before reading the books, I didn't know they even had cocaine in the 19th century, or injected it...) *sigh*

 -I'm trying NOT to jump to conclusions about the... erm... woman exiting Sherlock's building. I mean, if it's an apartment (I don't know whether this is this is where the show's 221B Baker Street is or not, since this is set in New York *eyeroll*), she COULD live in another building. But my first thoughts were "She's leaving Sherlock's, isn't she!?" If that IS the case, allow me to go on a minor rant.


  NO! Nononononononononono! NOOOOOO! Heck no! NO! SHERLOCK DOESN'T HIRE... GAH! Sherlock Holmes is not that sort of guy! He's not the type to... do that. He has no time for romance, let alone that, he has stuff to deduce, dang it! SO DON'T IMPLY THAT! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S... At least Cumberbatch's Sherlock (or "Cumberlock", as I sometimes call him), despite the modern setting and having the whole episode with "modern" Irene Adler (but I'm saving my thoughts on her characterization for my "A Scandal of Belgravia" review), wasn't interested at all in that sort of  thing. And don't get me started on The Canon. He's just not wired that way!

*huff, huff*

  But, again, maybe I'm jumping to conclusions and overreacting. Again, maybe she just lives in the same building. Or maybe she's from some sort of version of The Baker Street Irregulars. Or maybe he didn't do what I thought he was doing and I should be ashamed for thinking otherwise and go stand in the corner and think about what I've done. Or maybe I'm giving the show too much credit and my initial instincts were right. Time will tell.

 Moving on...

  -Minor thought on the tattoos (I still hope those are Jonny Lee Miller's, by the way. I don't know, is he in anything else that requires him to be shirtless in any scene?), I re-read "The Red-Headed League", and there was a throwaway line about him knowing quite a bit about tattoos (even writing something on the subject, I believe). Perhaps he got them as a sort of research, and just never bothered to remove them because he had better things to do then laser tattoo removal? Or maybe I'm giving the people too much credit again. It was just a thought.

 - I admit, "Millerlock's" blunt, "Look at this place. Yuck! I can't wait for you to tidy it..." did amuse me a little. Makes me think a bit of "Cumberlock" (Series Three starts production next year, Freak. Production starts next year...).

 -I like the idea of Sherlock breaking out of his rehab facility. That makes me feel a little better about this whole "he's fresh out of rehab thing". And at least he admits he gets bored often.

 -So, Joan Watson was a doctor (surgeon, in fact). Maybe not be "ex-army doctor", like I hoped, but it's close, I guess.

 -I didn't notice the "Scotland Yard" comment in my previous "review", but I do feel better knowing his time as a consulting detective helping them exists somewhere in this universe. And it again raises the question of whether Sherlock lives in a New York version of the iconic 221B Baker Street, or if the writers threw that out the window, laughing maniacally, and just decided to either give him a new address or ignore the detail altogether. And, on the same train of thought, does Watson still live with Sherlock in this work? Or does she have her own place? I'm not sure.

 -So, Gregson IS in this show! And he got promoted to Captain and moved to the States as well! I now have a little more faith in this show. I mean, they know who Gregson is, and I don't think he gets much use in the adaptions as Lestrade does. So perhaps these people DO speak canon! And maybe Lestrade and Mycroft exist/will pop up. I kind of wonder what they're doing as this show goes on. I like to think they've banded together and are having their own adventures. THAT would make an interesting spin-off, actually. If the show gets that popular, that is.

 -The dynamic of Joan and Holmes looks like it's going to be interesting at least. Will it be as good as the relationships and chemistry of "Cumberlock" and John (I haven't come up with nicknames to distinguish The Watsons yet, so I'm just going with how they're commonly referred) or "Downeylock" and Watson? I don't know.

 -Okay, minor nitpick. So, Joan says she "has the stomach" for Sherlock's work and we established that she was, in fact, a surgeon. And yet when we see the body in the safe room, she gasps and leaves the room. Okay, I figure suddenly seeing a dead body (even if you're told there's to be one) could be rather shocking in real life. And it's easier to say you're ready to see something before you actually see it (like the violence in The Hunger Games movie). However, the body is just a woman with a head wound, surrounded by blood. I'm sure, as a surgeon, she'd have theoretically seen much worse. Like someone's insides, for instance. Or maybe someone who's had a horrific accident. I don't know how long it's been since she was a surgeon, but I would think that a still relatively intact corpse would not be "leave the room"  worthy. But, as I said before, I'm probably being nitpicky.

 -Still not entirely sold on Joan yet. What can I say? Martin Freeman and Jude Law have set some high standards. Some elements about her seem.... alright... but... I'd have to see the show to get a better opinion.

 -"Millerlock", however, does seem to be looking better and better the more I see him. Again, I think he might at least be a decent Sherlock. IT would be sad if he was decent in a not-so-good show, but, still.

  Minor tangent, but I think the various Sherlocks are like The Doctors of Doctor Who: all a tad different, but all the same person, and everyone will have their favorites. Take the two modern TV versions. "Cumberlock" is like David Tennant's Tenth Doctor, in that he has a pretty big fanbase (and a lot of fangirls), and is pretty well-received. And, like when Tennant left (from what I read), the day Cumberbatch announces he won't be playing Sherlock anymore (which hopefully won't be for a while), there will be much sadness and sobbing (oh, Tumblr and Pintest'd be a wreck). While "Millerlock" is Matt Smith's Eleventh so far. He has a tough and rather popular act to follow, and I think I read even he was one the people weren't sure about. But, maybe like Eleven, people will warm up to him and get popular in his own way. Okay, I'm done rambling now.

-It's still looking a bit like it's generic detective show cases with Sherlock. Shame. I was hoping they wouldn't do that. But maybe I'm wrong. Still, I've never heard of any "Amy" in the stories I've read so far.

-Not sure of how I feel about the "Google" line. It's funny, but I'm not sure if I like Sherlock saying it. It is sort of subversion of what we would expect. And I kind of liked in "The Blind Banker" where he claimed he got info from the secretary. But then again, he later admitted he lied. Maybe he follows the line with: "No, just kidding!" and rattles off a lot of details. I know, Sherlock's not infallible, but still...

  ...And on a more melodramatic note, Sherlock supposedly Googling later made me think of "Cumberlock's" his call to John where he claims he's a fake and pretends to commit suicide in RIECHENBACH! *DUN DUN DUN* *thunderclap* (Yes, this is how I will always type it from now on.)


 Overall, I'm still not completely sold on it yet. But, I do think it's looking a little bit better then it did before. Who knows? Maybe it's going to exceed my expectations. And, if it's terrible, maybe with time, it will silently be forgotten (which I doubt, what with the hate I've seen for it already). Dang, this post was longer than the other "Thoughts" posts. So, anyone else care to weigh in?

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