Saturday, July 14, 2012

KH3D Trailer...IN ENGLISH!!!!

 Yay! This month, North American, Australian, and European KH Fans get their editions of the highly-anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. (31st, 26th, and 20th, respectively). Anyway, I looked up the English trailer, and here it is!

 I'm so excited. Though I can kind of see how English dubs change things. On one hand, I like how they changed the "Key to everyone's smiles" to something like "happiness", it's less "narmy". On the other hand, I liked Sorcerer!Mickey's original line about lending strength to Riku and Riku saying he'll be waiting as opposed to the English version about Mickey wanting to be part of a team and Riku saying he will. The old one... just gave me more the warm fuzzies than the new one. But, it could be worse. The dubbing could've been by... 4KIDS!!! *DUN DUN DUN*

  But, I'm still excited. This is going to be AWESOME! Anyone else counting the 358/2 many days in anticipation?

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