Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Favorite Wolverine And The X-Men Episodes

  So I've been feeling nostalgic and I watched an episode of Wolverine and the X-Men. I LOVED this show. I really wish it had continued to Season 2. They would've had DEADPOOL in Season 2! *sigh* So I decided to write a list of my favorite episodes in no particular order. Here we go!

 -Thieves' Gambit I really liked Gambit in this episode. And I loved his and Wolverine's interactions. Plus, I'm going through a minor Gambit phase right now. I especially loved this line:
Wolverine: You sold out your own kind for some money?
Gambit: No, I sold my kind out for a whole lot of money, there's a distinction...
-X-Calibre Oh, Nightcrawler. How do I love thee? Anyway, this showcased how awesome he is. So how could I NOT put this up?

-Greetings Form Genosha Another Nightcrawler episode. Plus, it's got Scarlet Witch in it! Highlights include the Nightcrawler/Scarlet Witch pairing (which I love), Magneto removing his helmet in an awesome manner, and the AWESOME SCENE where Nightcrawler teleports across the ENTIRE FREAKIN' OCEAN to the X-Mansion. *sigh* Why did they kill you off in the comics, Mr. Wagner? Why?

-Battle Lines Simple: Rogue was awesome this episode. That is all.

-Hunting Grounds YAY! MORE NIGHTCRAWLER AWESOMENESS! YAY! MORE SCARLET WITCH AWESOMENESS! I love how this show also displays Nightcrawler's epicness. And oh yeah, SCARLET WITCH KISSES NIGHTCRAWLER! Granted it's on the cheek, BUT STILL! Have I mentioned I like that relationship and wish it was in the regular continuity?

-Code of Conduct Four words: "I just learned Bushido." I adore Rogue. Because Rogue + Highly Trained Samurai = awesomest Rogue moment ever.

 Well, those were the episodes that I loved the most. Yes, 50% of them involved Nightcrawler. What can I say, he's just epic. Just watch this Marvel: Ultimate Alliance clip.

 ...You're welcome for the awesomeness.

*UPDATE* Oh, yeah. Almost forgot...

-Time Bomb This was an awesome episode. There was the "Toad in MRD Prison" scene, Wolverine wanting everyone to "quit helpin' me!", and there was the cool scene where Iceman makes a giant ice island. And I have to admit, I thought Emma Frost vs. Psylocke was sweet, too. Emma effortlessly kicked Psylocke's butt in their psychic battle, and it was cool. And this is coming from someone who really dislikes Emma and thinks Psylocke's cool (in the comics,Psylocke's a British Psychic Ninja with Psi-Swords!), so that's saying something.  Too bad we won't have a rematch, since the show got cancelled (PLEASE BRING IT BACK, DISNEY!).


 Oh, and whole, "Emma Frost got killed off" thing.


 Okay, NOW I've listed 'em all.

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