Friday, February 24, 2012

It Just Bugs Me...

  So, I've been CONSTANTLY checking and re-checking Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance info to see if the US has a release date yet (sadly, no...). I've checked GameStop, and there's something I've read in the preview buzz that's been bugging me.

 People saying Kingdom Hearts III will be the end.

  Okay, why does everyone assume that it all ends in III? I swear, I read something that Tetsuya said that III would be the end of the Xehenort Saga. They never said that would be the end of the series. Just because it will be the last game where Xehenort must be fought doesn't mean it's the last game...

 There's always another threat. Another bad thing to jeopardize the universe. Maleficent can rise back up and prove to us again how she's "The Mistress of All Evil". Or a whole new threat could come up! There's adventures of past Keyblade Masters. There's adventures in the future. In short, there could always be another possibility for a story.

  Would I be upset if the series ended? Yes. It's been a part of my life for a long time. (Wow, that kind of sounded sad, but you know what I meant, right?) It'll be a sad day when the series ends. But if that's where they want to end it, fine. I know when the series ends, they'll do something amazing. I mean, 3D looks amazing, so III will probably be spectacular.

  But I just don't like people assuming that III is the end. End of story. Until someone officially says, "This game is the grand finale", I'm not just going to jump to the conclusion that III will be the end.

  After all, the beginning is the end is the beginning.

  (Yeah, I don't get it either, I just wanted a song title reference...)

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