Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend Artwork #13- Those Two Guards.... and Braig

  Hola! So, I was thinking, I don't really show Xaldin and Lexeaus from Kingdom Hearts much love. It doesn't help that they don't play much of a role in the series and really didn't do much. Demyx was Demyx (AND A PAIN IN THE BUTT TO BEAT!!!!), and Luxord was British and had playing cards, so they were more memorable. Anywho, I also don't do much with the Somebodies, either. So I thought, "Hey! Let's do a picture of Dilan and Aeleus, Xaldin and Lexeaus's Somebodies!" So, here it is!

Dilan took his coffee with cream and two sugars, LIKE HIS SOUL!

 And eventually, I thought of this little story to go with it. Enjoy!

Those Two Guards.... And Braig

  Dilan and Aeleus were returning from their break. They FINALLY got to have it, no thanks to Braig disappearing. But since Lord Ansem the Wise had gone out to take Ienzo to get a new book, and Even was expendable, they could sneak away to get some coffee. As they walked out of Starmunny, with their coffee, poppy seed muffins, and a cookie for Ienzo, Dilan asked, "Where did Braig go?"

 Aeleus shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe he's dead." Dilan shook his head. "I rarely question Lord Ansem, but I fail to see why he decided to hire Braig as a guard.." Aeleus chuckled.


 Aeleus and Dilan both let out a sigh as the sharpshooter ran up behind them. "Hello, Braig." Dilan greeted, exasperated. Aeleus looked at Braig, who's head, eye, and cheek was bandaged. "Where have you been?" he asked, deadpan. Braig paused a little, thinking. As the two walked away, Braig got it and chased them both down.

 "You see, I was buying something for Ansem and Even, and the salesmoogle was like, 'That'll be 400 Munny, Kupo!' So I was like, 'Dude, as if! I only got 350, let me pay you the other 50 later!' Then the Moogle's like, 'No! You're going to pay now! Kupo!' And I'm all, 'I can't! Pay day's tomorrow! I work for Ansem!' And he's all, 'Yeah right. Now you will pay... IN BLOOD!' So then he beat me up."

 Dilan and Aeleus just stared at him. "Really?" Dilan asked, skeptical. "Seriously! I swear I was attacked by Moogles!" Braig said, and went off in a huff.

 "Did he really expect us to believe that?" Dilan asked Aeleus. Aeleus shook his head. "He's a horrible liar." "It's probably better we don't know..." Dilan stated. The two then continued to walk back up to the castle, sipping their coffee. The less headaches they had, the better.


 Hope you enjoyed!

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