Sunday, November 6, 2011


 So, I'm on Wikipedia, looking up all the Nicktoons and stuff, and I see there's a link to the page about the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series (since Nick has the rights now). I was curious, of course, and clicked it. It led to the whole TMNT page, and not only did I learn of the infamous "female Turtle" Venus, but I saw this on the new show:


 THEY'RE CHANGING DON AND MIKEY'S WEAPONS!? THAT'S MADNESS!!! WAIT, MADNESS? THIS. IS. BLASPHEMY!!!!!!! I feel as though someone threw up on my childhood.

  See, back when I was little, Lil' Freak LOVED the Turtles. Donatello and Michealanglo where my favorites, 'cause Don was the smart one and Mikey was the funny one. And now this show is CHANGING THEIR WEAPONS!? That Wikipedia acknowledged that they TRADITIONALLY used? Grr...

  Look, I love pointy objects that hurt people as much as the next girl, but c'mon! Nunchucks and bo staffs are just as cool. It's not all about stabbing people, ya know! This.... this just upsets me.

 But, they did say it was only in the teaser, and teasers can lie. Maybe they're only using them in the teaser. They'll still have their ninchucks and bo staff in the series...

 Unless when it comes out, they DO use them. Then they better have a GOOD explaination for their weapon change or I will go into a fan rage.

Here is the offending teaser trailer:

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