Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekend Artwork #2: Jhonen Scarecrow!

 It's Art Time Again! So InvaderCON 2: DoomCON was announced this week, and it's going to be in... *drumroll* Los Angeles, CA! Dang it, it's not close to me! AND this year, they'll actually have JHONEN VASQUEZ THERE! Dang it, they're mocking me......

 Anyway, according to a post on Twitter, here is his reason.

Why would I actually attend an INVADERCON? When else will so many fans be in one room with a dynamite-packed scarecrow I send in my place?

 Aww, can't you feel the love? This time, it's a relatively quick and painless death. WE'RE GROWING ON HIM, I TELLS YA!

 *ahem* Anyway, so that has inspired me to make this: THE SCARECROW!

The creepy smile means it's working...
 I kinda modeled it after the cameo him from IZ. Hmm.... wonder if this is gonna start a whole trend of people making "Jhonen-Crows". Or would it be "Scare-Jhonens"? "Scare-Vasquez's"? "Vasquez-Crows"? Eh... whatever, I'm digressing, it's not so important....

There it is! Come back next week for another pic!

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