Thursday, January 2, 2014

So, I Watched Last Night's Elementary

 And while most of the episode was typical Elementary, I have three things to say:

1. I take back some of my complaints against Dormeriarty. She was awesome here. Much improvement. I accept her now.
2. I now (somewhat tongue-in-cheekly) ship her and Joan now. Partially because of the painting, partially because I refuse to ship either of them with Millerlock. They can both do so much better… ;P
3. They used the term "Feauxiarty"… I… I used the term to describe the red herring Moriarty in my review of the episode "A Landmark Story"… It might be a stretch but… Do… Do the writers read my blog? O_O 

…I… I gotta wrap my site in tinfoil now. See you guys later…

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