Friday, April 12, 2013

Loveable Freak "Reviews" (Well... More Like Discusses) Hannibal

(Ugh. Hate when I do my "serious"/ranty posts... Moving on...)

Good evening, readers. Well, it's not evening here... It's the afternoon here in the US... Dang it! I ruined the shout-out! DX



…I'm gonna talk about Hannibal... (may have some spoilers for the first episode, mostly because a lot of what happens appears to be important to know for later on...)

  Yes, I've started watching the new show on NBC. I gotta say, I really dig it.
  First of all, I'd like to point out I have NEVER seen Silence of the Lambs. The most I know comes from pop culture. That Hannibal's a cannibal and not a good person, the "good evening, Clarice" quote, and the "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti" line. That's it. And now, having watched the show, I think I want to see it.
  The story is about a FBI investigator named Will Graham. Graham has a unique talent in that he can empathize with the serial killers he's hunting. On one of the cases, a psychiatrist named Dr. Hannibal Lecter is called in to help. Anyway on said case (the disappearance of several college girls), Graham is forced to kill the kidnapper/murderer when the killer, Hobbs, attacks his (Hobbs's) own family. (This is because of Hannibal, who secretly tipped off Hobbs that they were onto him...) The rest of the series seems to have to do with Graham dealing with the repercussions of this case (while solving the murders of the week), as Hannibal seems to take in interest in Graham and his head. Maybe even toying with him a little...
  Anyway, I really like this show. Graham is an interesting character. I think his empathy is an interesting idea. It's portrayed visually as him conducting the murders himself (in his head), getting into the shoes of the murderer. It's pretty cool; though as it's shown in the show, it seems like a blessing and a curse. Especially after he kills Hobbs. And, as with all gifted characters, he's not exactly a "people person".
  Hannibal is cool, too. He's kinda subtly creepy. And sophisticated. He does seem to be dissecting Graham's mind. The writers so far seem to be having a field day with playing with the fact we know Hannibal eats people. Like whenever he makes food for another character, you have to wonder if he's giving THEM human flesh and organs, too. And there was this one line, where he's having dinner with Jack Crawford, and he states that he'd love to have "him (Crawford) and his wife for dinner". >:)
  The show has had some pretty interesting murders so far. Though, admittedly, they are pretty creepy. Like last night's one involved some people who were being kept semi-alive, but unconscious for a while so their killer could grow mushrooms from their decomposing bodies. One of them (who's mouth had been partially peeled off!) suddenly grabs Graham. HE WAS POSSIBLY STILL ALIVE! Yeah, sweet dreams for all the little children! >:D (Actually, little children shouldn't watch this, what's wrong with you, you sick, twisted monkey/) However, it's not a bad thing. They don't do it in an over-the-top, "solely for shock value", exploitative way. If anything, it's more atmospheric than anything else. It works. To me, it's a good creepy. And, I'm not suffering nightmares yet, so...
  Anyway, I highly recommend it. The only problem I have is with when it airs. It's the same time as Elementary. And while admittedly the current schedule for new episodes of Elementary is... schizophrenic, it's still going to air at the same time as some of the new ones. But fear not! I have a way to get around this! I have a way to finish up my Elementary reviews while still keeping up with this new show.
 Last Minute Thoughts:
  • Yes, as seen in episode two, when women go onto the computer after showering, we go without bothering to get dressed first... *eyeroll* Just like how we get dressed in the living room with open windows...
  • The fact Graham takes in lost dogs is sweet...
  • I wonder if Hannibal will beat the current record held by Supernatural for "moments that creep me out..."
  So, yeah, it's a good show I'll definitely keep watching that's worth a try. Again, I warn you it can get a little intense in the creepy department, so if dark, macabre, gory stuff isn't your thing, you may want to avoid it. And if you're cool with gore but still get creeped out, be sure to have your favorite pillow to bury your head into when things get scary on standby... >:D
*insert some appropriate for the end of this post, creepy Silence of the Lambs quote here*


  1. You know I found Hannibal pretty gross, no doubt about how good the script and visual effects were, but certain scenes were quite disturbing, and I found some similarity between Will and Sherlock's character...

    1. Yeah, there are some creepy scenes, I agree. And Will and Sherlock are pretty similar. Could you image if the two characters met? O_O

    2. Probably they will end up having a competition on 'Who can guess what PRECISELY happened on the crime scene'
      Team Sherlock!!
      they will end up on killing each other I bet...:P

  2. XD And the whole time, John would probably be making bets with everyone else on which one would win. (John obviously betting on Sherlock...)