Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Liebster Award

  I would like to thank buddy2blogger for the award. It is very much appreciated!
 The rules are I have to post eleven things about myself, answer buddy2blogger's questions, post my own eleven questions, and finally provide links to my nominees. Well, Allons-y!
Eleven Things About Myself

  1. I am quite fond of things that originated from England, such as Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter. I would love to visit that country someday.
  2. I have a fondness for hats, and hope to get a great collection of interesting ones. (My favorite one I own is this black derby I've had for three years)
  3. Sometimes I worry that I use the world "I" in conversation too much.
  4. I believe that people should always keep a little, healthy bit of immaturity about them.
  5. I believe I may have a little bit of OCD. Of course, it's only a self-diagnosis, but I think I have some of the symptoms. 
  6. My dream in life is to write and draw my own comic book.
  7. I dislike swearing and cussing. I can handle a little bit, but once it gets past a certain point...
  8. My three favorite video games are the Kingdom Hearts series, Guitar Hero games, and The Sims 3
  9. My favorite genres are Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Fantasy, and Comedy.
  10. I love music. I listen to an eclectic mix of music, but I typically like Alternative Rock (though I am growing to appreciate and listen to instrumental soundtracks, and I've rediscovered ska).
  11. Speaking is not my forte. In fact, I have a speech impediment of sorts, and often rush my words.
buddy2blogger's Questions
    1. What has been the greatest moment in your life so far? It's hard to say. Nothing too big's happened, and I've had a lot of great moments. For now, I'm going with when TV Tropes mentioned one of my comments on their page for (the blog) The Half-World. Specifically, saying it was a Crown Moment of Funny. Because 1) I would love to have a page on TV Tropes for something I've made one day, and 2) Because I'm the only other person (for now) besides Skepkitty (the girl in-charge of the blog) to get one, so it made me feel good that some "Troper" thought I was as funny as Skep at least once. It was a pretty nice compliment.
    2. Who (other than your parents) have been a source of inspiration to you? Multiple people are inspirations to me. I'm inspired by Stan Lee and the late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, because both created characters (Lee creating a good majority of Marvel Comics's characters, Conan Doyle creating Sherlock Holmes) that have stood the test of time and are still beloved (something I wish to achieve). Neil Gaiman inspires me because he writes so many things, and different ones, too (comics/graphic novels, books, short stories, and screenplays), another thing I wish to do. And Andy Warhol inspires me a bit, too, because he also did more than just paint. And he really didn't care what others thought of him.
    3. Are you an extrovert who loves partying and hanging out or more of an introverted person? I am most certainly an introverted person.
    4.  Who is your favorite movie director and what is the latest movie of his/hers you have seen? Another tough one. I'd say Joss Whedon because he directed one of my favorite movies this year, The Avengers... but then again I haven't really watched anything else of his yet. On the other hand, Guy Ritchie directed the recent Sherlock Holmes movies (two of my favorites)... but, again, I haven't seen anything else of his, either. So, long story short, it's either Whedon (The Avengers) or Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows).
    5. What news channel/newspaper do you watch/read to get the latest news? Sadly, I don't really watch the news that much or read the paper. But I do check the news feeds on my computer and occasionally listen to whatever channel's on if there's news. But I guess I've been listening to NBC quite a bit recently...
    6. Name some of your favorite hobbies I love listening to music, writing, drawing, and surfing the Internet.
    7.  Has becoming a blogger had any impact on your life so far? If yes, in what way(s)? Not in any MAJOR way, but it has introduced me to some people (albeit indirectly) I enjoy, and it lets me get some of my thoughts out on things I know people I've friended on Facebook could care less about.
    8. Who is your favorite author(s)? J.K. Rowling, Heather Brewer, Rick Riodan, Neil Gaiman, James Patterson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Jack Heath.
    9.  If there was one thing you want to change about yourself, what would that be? My ability to stay focused on my goals. I'll MAKE plans, but I procrastinate/forget them (it's part of the reason I haven't posted this sooner). I don't want to get so easily distract... oh, lookie, a picture of the Sherlock characters as My Little Pony ponies! I'm gonna find more! :P
    10. Which actor would you cast to play Sherlock Holmes and why? Hmm... Christopher Eccleston. I think he's a very good actor, and he played my favorite incarnation of The Doctor. Plus, he's going to be the villain in Thor: The Dark World, so playing Sherlock would be one of many things that would just max out how cool he is to me. 
    11. Do you believe in the existence of aliens and UFOs? Yes. I think it's possible. It's a big universe; we can't just be the only planet that has life.
     My Questions
  1. If you could meet any two people (one living, one dead), who would you choose and why?
  2. What is one piece of technology you positively CAN'T be without?
  3. What is your favorite piece of clothing?
  4. What is your favorite TV show? Why?
  5. If you could have any profession (besides whatever one you may have now), what would it be?
  6. Do you have bizarre dreams, or are they pretty mundane/"normal"?
  7. Which fictional character would you most like to be dragged along with on an adventure?
  8. What book (or show/comic/etc.) would you like to see made into a movie, and who would you want to direct it and star as the main character?
  9. If you could have one (fictional) object, what would it be and why?
  10. What was your favorite movie you've watched recently?
  11. Who is your favorite (fictional) villain and why?
My Nominees
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  8. District 14 Chronicles
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