Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Freak's Ranking of the Kingdom Hearts Games (So Far)

 Well, with Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance coming up soon and fast, I felt the need to list the Kingdom Hearts games from the ones I was not as blown away by, and the ones I simply adored.


  6. Re:coded This is probably my least favorite game in the series. It wasn't horrible, but it was sort of... eh. Not exciting, but not a waste of $35. It was interesting, the different "game styles" in the world (but the Hollow Bastion gameplay was a tad annoying). Plus, the pictures for interactions instead of 3D lip-locked characters WAS a little less... weird. But I admit, having freakin' CLOUD as a party member in Olympus Coliseum was pretty cool, even if it was for a few seconds.

 5. Re: Chain of Memories Okay, for starters, I didn't have TEH EPIC HATEZ for the Card System that most people have. Yeah it could be annoying (DANG IT, TINKER BELL! QUIT MAKING ME HAVE TO TAP TRIANGLE FOR HEALTH! YOU GAVE IT TO ME INDISCRIMINATELY IN KHI!!) but it wasn't so bad. Plus, I could summon FREAKIN' CLOUD to slash things! Huzzah! And, of course, there was Axel. THIS was the game that made me fall in love with our favorite red-haired, wise-cracking pyromaniac. The exact moment? Two words and an action: "Good Bye." *snap* That is all.

 4. Kingdom Hearts II This was a very good sequel. It introduced us to the stylish Roxas and the rest of Organization XIII. There were some fun times, and the Commands were easier (though I hated that I had to change the side to get Summons) and being able to change Party members without going to the Main Menu. But I disliked that it felt kind of easier and FIGHTING FREAKIN' DEMYX!!! DARN YOU, DEMYX! FIGHTING XEMNAS AS THE FINAL BOSS IS EASIER! But still, it was a good game.

 3. Kingdom Hearts The one that started it all. I remember when I first played it, I excitedly was telling my Dad about how awesome the opening was ("And then, I (Sora) looked over and saw me ,falling from the sky, then I was falling, and..."). And there was that immortal moment when Sora sacrifices himself to save Kairi. And then Kairi saves him. Aww... The first game is a classic. Truly, a classic.

 2. 358/2 Days This is the better of the two DS games. I like the fact it had Multiplayer missions and the story. It introduced me to Xion (whom I adore). And I loved the fact it had cutscenes (Re:Coded had them, too, true, but Days was first, so I was more impressed). I also loved the immortal line: "Roxas, that's a stick." Anyway, it was a good game, and I played it nonstop. I was always itching to play it again.

 1. Birth by Sleep This game was amazing. There's the technical stuff, like the graphics, but also the other things. I loved Ven the minute he got excited for a meteor shower. And Aqua was awesome, I think we can all agree. And Vanitas, he's just such an evil jerk... I love him that way. And there is Zack Fair from Crisis Core. Lord, I need to play his original game. Just... Overall, it's just... it's just an awesome game. It was TOTALLY worth buying a PSP.

  So, that's my take on the games so far. I love this series overall. It's kind of hard to rank them, but I have. I can't wait for the next installment. So, what are your guys' thoughts?

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