Monday, February 27, 2012

Europe, Memoirs, and Acting, Oh My! And More Stuff, Too! (More Kingdom Hearts News)

  I learned some new stuff this morning as far as Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance goes. Here we go!

  European readers, listen up! You're going to get the game supposedly in Summer 2012. The release date keeps changing. If you don't speak English, your games will most likely be subtitled only. Sorry, guys. :( If it makes you feel better, North America (where I am) hasn't got our date yet...

  But it should be soon. I've heard that the English voice actors have been working on dubbing, and that they may be done. So the release date should be soon.

  There's also supposed to be a new feature, called the "Memoir" feature. From what I've heard, it's sort of a way to recap the games so far. So, if you have friends without the pleathora of systems that you need to keep up with this series, you could use this to "convert" your friends and get them up-to-date. Or just reminise/refresh your memory. AND, you seem to be able to playthrough parts. So that's what's most likely what Ursula's appearance was about last trailer. YAY! THERE'S STILL A WORLD LEFT! No, wait, I got word there's TWO other worlds left. Sweet....

  Oh, you can apparently switch between Sora and Riku IN-GAME, so no "Save Multiple Games"! Yay!

  And also, Dilan and Even are apparently back, too. And Isa may or may not be back (I read Lea wonders where he is). So, that's about eight members now... Let's make it TWELVE!! Lea's apparently looking for the others, so...

  That's what I got for now. I'm keeping my eyes and ears peeled, so keep clicking back!


  1. oh man this is gonna be an awesome game I CANT WAIT! I thought from the last trailer that all the Somebodies would appear cause 12 people appeared around Sora and Xehanort says," Let's go together." That looked like all the Organization's Somebodies. But I could be wrong. Still can't wait though!

    1. I know! It's going to rock! Shall we jump around shrieking "Yay! Yay! Yay!" now, or wait until we get a US release date?

    2. i know... BOTH! "YAY YAY YAY!" XD