Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy 50th, Doctor Who. Here's To You

  Well, today is the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. I would have planned something bigger, like a list of my favorite companions, a new top 9 episodes list, or a big squeefest over The Ninth Doctor and why he deserves more love from the mainstream and ohmygoshEcclestonpleasecomebackanepisodeIlovedNinesomuch. But no. I'll leave it short and simple.

  I only started to watch the show about two years ago, and I've only fully watched New Who, but I still love this show. There's sort of an optimism to it. That there will be somewhere there to stop the big scary things we encounter. That a strange but wonderful character will wisk you away on an adventure. Someone showing you both the beauty and the terror of the universe and running alongside you. They'll take you from the humdrum and the terrible places you don't want to be, and find you special. There's also the fantastic about it, seeing the strange new worlds and strange new monsters. Seeing the new while also encountering the old. It's fun escapism.

  The Doctor is a great character, a constant, but yet ever-changing. He has the distinct honor of being reinterpreted multiple times, all within the same story.

  People probably wonder how it turned out to last so long, and I think to anyone who watches it, it's obvious. It's a gem in the geek community, and if enough watch it, the world. What is it with the British and giving us timeless classics?

  Maybe the show will continue another 50, maybe not. But one thing's for certain: like all good things, it will live on.

  So, I think I'll leave this amazing video I found, with one of the best speeches from the show. Happy 50th, Doctor Who. We raise our sonic screwdrivers to you...

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