Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why I'm Less Than Pleased About The Ending Of "I'm No Angel"

  Okay, so last night I was watching Supernatural. And I got to say, the ending I found to be not okay. The rest of the episode was pretty alright (though Cas having sex with a woman he'd only barely met... twice... was a little irksome, especially given his characterization...). But the ending was just... No.

 So, I'm going to explain why I don't like this. Needless to say:

 So, at the end of the episode, the now human Castiel finally gets back with The Winchesters and goes to stay in the bunker. However, Ezekiel (an angel who's currently partially possessing Sam, loooooong story), says that, no, Dean can't keep his boyfriend friend. Because, Cas (despite him getting an anti-angel tracker tattoo) is a huge beacon to the other angels, all of whom are ticked that he helped cast them down. And they would go after Ezekiel, too, seeing as he's helping him and his friends. And then Zeke would have to leave, and Sam would die without the angel healing him from inside. So Dean is forced to throw his soul mate best friend whom he shares a profound bond with out.

No. No no no! NOOOOOO!!!

  Okay, I'm ticked with this for a number of reasons. Mainly because of this: I'm tired of the writers coming up with excuses to make Cas leave. I mean, I could understand finding reasons to keep Cas from long-term stays with the boys when he was an angel. He was kind of a game breaker as an angel. Nothing can ever be easy for the leads is one of the first rules of writing. But now he's human, he's vulnerable, he's on the same level as The Winchesters (well, technically not Sam half the time, now...) (And he's actually quite valuable, still having the knowledge of an angel 24/7.) But nope, we gotta kick him to the curb!

(Not from this episode, but...) Lookit this face. Would you kick someone out if they made that face? 
  Second, like I said, Cas is human now. He doesn't fully know how to deal with being human. This whole episode kind of proved that. The face he makes when Dean tells him to go! He's like a lost puppy out there. And, again, while he still has his Angel Blade, he's still vulnerable. EVERY FREAKING ANGEL WANTS TO TRACK HIM DOWN! Seriously, I almost think it'd be better to keep Cas at The Bunker. They have more weapons, I'm sure the boys could set up some sort of "anti-angel room" or possibly find something in The Men of Letters' archives (I'm sure they have to have at least something on angels...). Maybe they can find some more holy oil for emergencies. And the boys have Angel Blades, too. Heck, Crowley (who I remind everyone is CURRENTLY LOCKED UP IN THEIR BASEMENT!) developed an anti-angel gun from an Angel Blade last season, just get how he did that from him! Seriously, I think dumping Cas out to fend for himself is possibly a worse idea. Way to look out for your brother, Zeke! Dean Winchester you ain't...

 Plus, Zeke showed in this episode that he's at least powerful enough to revive the dead, as seen with Cas shortly before. If he did have to leave because of Cas, couldn't he just say, hop into Dean a little bit (he was Michael's intended vessel, he can probably take it, and it's Sammy, he'd be willing to do it to help save his baby bro), heal Sam, and go find someone else to hold him while he recharges? Okay, that last one might be nitpicky, but still...

 I also take issue with this, because I feel the reason's... flimsier than his previous reasons. Here have been some of his reasons to leave before that:
  • "I'm trying to find God..."
  • "I'm fighting a civil war against Raphael in Heaven..."
  • "I'm a bit insane at the moment..."
  • "I need to serve penance for my actions..."
  • "I need to protect The Angel Tablet from Crowley and Naomi and I don't want you guys caught in the middle..."
  I think those were better reasons. This... isn't, for the reasons I've said earlier. I know Dean would do anything for Sam, budding roman- BROMANCE! I meant bromance! - with Cas or not. But I feel like this is just wrong to do. And it's not of Cas's own will! It's just drama for the sake of drama.

 I'm hoping they at least don't drag this out needlessly long. That's one thing I can give Elementary credit for: not dragging out "Joan's secretly not his sober companion anymore" thing. And I'm pleased Agents of SHIELD didn't drag the "Skye's a mole" thing out too long either, and handled it pretty well last night. And I hope that Dean at least explains the situation to Cas, and leaves him somewhere safe, like with Garth. Heck, he can leave him with Charlie! Them interacting I'd love to see. If he just leaves him to fend for himself, I'll just... GRAHAHWJRGTAENGLJBAGFFF!!!!

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