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Supernatural Season 1 Recap- Two Boys And An Impala

Uh Okay, so I've got an idea: you know how last year I reviewed every episode of season one of Elementary? And how I swore I wouldn't do the same for the second? Well, I got an idea for something to do instead. If/when I finish season 8 in time, I might review a show I know I actually like: I'm hoping to review season 9 of Supernatural!

  Of course, this'll be different than reviewing Elementary, especially since I wouldn't start reviewing from the beginning of show, but rather late in the game. So, I've decided I would kinda recap the seasons leading up to season 9. That way, people who follow the blog who might be interested in the reviews but not so much the show can understand. (And if all else fails, I can always review Agents of SHIELD...)

  Okay, so, season one! Needless to say:

If you want to watch it, be warned... (also, this whole thing's from memory, if I get something wrong/forget stuff, forgive me)
 Alright, I touched a bit on the backstory in my last Supernatural review thing. So I'll try to make this bit quick. When Sam was a baby and Dean was four, their mother was killed by a yellow-eyed demon and burnt on the ceiling, effectively burning the house, too. This sets their father, John Winchester, on his quest for vengeance. He becomes a demon hunter, and along the way raises the boys  to be hunters as well. But we're told Sam didn't want to be a hunter, so when he's of college age, he leaves his family and goes to school. When we see Sam again, things are pretty good for him. He's got an interview for a good law school and he's got a girlfriend he plans to marry: Jessica. So, of course, that all gets screwed up. Dean comes back into Sam's life, telling him he has to work a job but that their dad is gone. Sam reluctantly goes to help, so long as he's back in time for the interview. The boys defeat the monster of the week and Sam goes home. But of course, his beloved Jessica is killed the same way his mother was killed (thus proving early on that every woman Sam loves dies). So Sam goes along with Dean to find their dad and what killed their mom and Jessica.
  Most of season one is pretty much the boys hunting the monster of the week while trying to find their daddy. It's pretty simple and episodic compared to some of the later seasons. Along the way, it's revealed that Sam has been having psychic visions (including one he had before of Jessica's death), mostly to do with the yellow-eyed demon. Also, there are other people like Sam: a telekinetic young man that eventually kills himself and a baby girl who seems to read minds (that we NEVER hear about again, as far as I know). Also, we meet one of the longest reoccurring female characters(and probably the longest non-Winchester reoccurring character), Meg. She's the demon daughter of Yellow Eyes.
  Anyway, eventually the boys find Papa Winchester (again... Yeah, they found him once when they first found out Meg was a demon, but they had to split up). And they find the biggest (and one of the coolest) MacGuffins in the series: The Colt! The Colt, in a nutshell, can kill anything. (Yes, it is awesome...) Papa Winchester intends to use one of the four remaining bullets on Yellow Eyes. However, they split up: John to offer a fake Colt to Meg to stop her and the other demons from killing his acquaintances. Meanwhile, the boys try to stop Yellow Eyes from potentially killing the psychic baby's parents after Sam has a vision. Sam misses when he shoots and Papa Winchester gets captured when they call his bluff.

  So the boys go to an old family friend (who quickly becomes a regularly reoccurring character) named Bobby. They catch Meg in a Devil's Trap, get their father's location out of him, and exorcise the demon out of her host body (killing the real Meg, who was only being kept alive by the demon at that point). After they get Papa Winchester back (Dean blowing another bullet to save Sam from Yellow Eyes's son), it turns out Yellow Eyes has possessed their father. He tries to kill Dean, and Sam is conflicted to use The Colt (despite their dad's pleadings when he takes control a moment). If he shoots Yellow Eyes!Papa Winchester, he also kills their dad. So, Sam shoots Yellow Eyes in the leg, sending the demon out, but not killing him. As Sam rushes his family to the hospital, Papa Winchester is mad that there's one bullet left and Yellow Eyes is still out there.

  Then a truck driven by a demon hits the car. And that's how season one ends. Gee...




the boys




  :/ The joys of starting late...

  Some Notable Episodes (To Me, in no particular order):
  • "Pilot" - First episode, enough said...
  • "Skin" - This one kind of kicks off a subplot of The Winchesters not being seen so keenly in the eyes of the law, thanks to a shapeshifter who takes Dean's form. Also, there's a scene where Shifter!Dean rips his own skin off to change form, and it's disgusting...
  • "Home" -Establishes Sam's psychicness, and has two very creepy scenes for me: One where a guy's hands puréed by the garbage disposal, and another where a small child gets shut in the fridge. I'm not a mother, but it sparks my maternal/big sister instincts. I find myself BEGGING the mom to turn around look in the freaking fridge. (Also, we meet Missouri Mosely. She never appears again, and it's kinda a shame...)
  • "Bugs"- It has no use in the plot, or anything story-wise. It's just plain awful... First of all, I found the reason for the deaths being "Sacred Indian Ground?" Seriously? In the 21st century? Cliché. And THEN there's the time blunder of the sun rising SHORTLY AFTER MIDNIGHT! No time cut, the sun just mysteriously rises. I can tell you from experience the sun does NOT rise that early in Oklahoma. I've been there. Again, this is one of those episodes I hold as a bad standard for TV writing...
  • "Nightmare"- Meet another special child. Makes be flitch at the gore every time.
  • "Scarecrow" -Meet Meg, also the episode with the record for shortest "split up" of the Winchesters.
  • "Something Wicked"- Baby Winchester flashbacks. That is all...
  • "Dead Man's Blood"/"Salvation"/Devil's Trap" - The Colt's established and the "two-part" finale...
    Overall, it's a pretty decent start for the show. It's not the greatest season, but it sets up everything and is pretty uncomplicated and straightforward. Season Two's where stuff gets interesting, though...

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