Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sherlock Season 3 Speculation: Charles Augustus Magnussen

 I have a new theory about season 3! 

 Okay, so a few weeks ago, it was announced that the character of Charles Augustus Mil- Erm... Magnussen was joining Sherlock in the upcoming and highly-anticipated season. Also, it's been known that John Watson is, in fact, getting married to Mary Morstan as well, presumably in "The Sign of Three". Now here's what I'm thinking:

 What if Magnussen will play a role in the events of "The Sign of Three"?

 For those unaware of Canon, Magnussen's canon counterpart blackmailed women who were getting married. Meanwhile, the story Mary debuted in, The Sign of Four, had Holmes solving the mystery surrounding Mary's father, her mysterious benefactor, and her inheritance, all while she and Watson fall in love (Aww...). 

  So, what if instead of (or as well as) the inheritance plot, we have Mangussen blackmailing Mary (perhaps about her father) and her having to turn to Cumberlock for help? The show has combined stories together before. Besides, the original had a small man from a primitive island being sent to kill people, and I don't think that'd fly so well in a 21st century adaption as it did in the Victorian Era...

 I can't help buy think this will happen. I mean, this can't be a coincidence... So tell me what you guys think...


  1. I am avoiding all spoilers/theories about Season 3 and will check out your post after the season is aired.


    1. Okie-dokie! That's cool. I'm trying to avoid the spoilers, too...