Friday, April 5, 2013

Loveable Freak Reviews Elementary: Episode 19 "Snow Angels"

    Well, it's back again. For this week. Time to talk about this week's Elementary.

   Okay, so what happens is on the eve of a huge blizzard in New York, some people break into a huge technology company and steal some soon-to-be-released phones. The woman among them shoots the security guard and he dies, but not before he shoots her. Sherlock and Joan come in to assist, of course. At first, Millerlock is skeptical the NYPD will even need his help, though he thinks that the electrical problems that come with the storm could make it interesting. Little does the detective realize that the stolen phones are but the mere tip of the iceberg of a greater scheme...

  Oh, and also, our heroes allow an old friend of Millerlock's, a transgender woman who's recovering from a recent break-up. And who's this woman?

 Ms. Hudson.

My reaction.
  Yes, it's admittedly a bit odd, but it's also kind of awesome and I like this version of Ms. Hudson. She was a very nice lady. I can't wait to see her again (which we will, since Sherlock hired her as a weekly housekeeper). Though, I'm not holding my breath for her reappearing anytime soon.

  Speaking of liking, I liked this episode. There was a lot going for it. Take, for example, the mystery. It was really quite clever. The antagonists really had a good plan. The twists felt natural, there was no "Dirty Laundry'-ing (I'm so making that a verb...) here. They were clever. Heck, even Millerlock says, quote, "If they hadn't killed someone, I'd have half a mind to let them get away with it." They were pretty impressive. I'd put them right under Adam as far as Elementary antagonists go.

   I loved seeing Joan and Millerlock boucing deductions off each other. They were pretty in-sync. And I got a giggle out of their roommate bickering over stuff like paying the phone bill and cleaning. It's the simple things...

  Actually, everyone seemed like they were in top form. Especially Bell, who finds a key piece to the mystery on his own while Joan and Millerlock are trying to stop the real crime the phone theft was covering.

  And the best part is:
Pictured: World's Most Adorable Ambulance
How often have I abused this gif?
  That alone
 made the whole episode worth it. I know it's stupid to get all squee-y over a tortoise, but... GAH! I got the stupidest smile on my face when he showed up. Especially since Millerlock was doing stuff you probably not do with tortoises! Eek! Besides, I'm a BBC Sherlock fangirl, I squeed over unfinished walls, this is normal in comparison...

   Okie-Dokie! Final thoughts:
  • Lot of scenes I like. Millerlock had great lines, there was the awesomeness all around, Clyde's one scene wonder, sweet moments like the kinda "d'aww" moment when Millerlock wins over Pam the Snowplow Driver... You know, it's weird, but I'm going to say watch the whole episode...
  • Apparently, Millerlock likes taking The Tenth Doctor approach to new things: if you don't know what it is, taste it...
  • Cumberlock may have his "Mind Palace", but Millerlock has his "Warmth Tent"...
  • Everyone loves Joannie. No exceptions.
  Overall, this was a really good episode. It had a mix of good elements, was enjoyable to watch, had characters I love, old and new, and was one of those not mediocre episodes! I think I'll even be so bold as to say it's my fourth favorite. It just did so many things right. THIS is what a typical episode should be like. At least as good as "Snow Angels". I like it. I'm almost disappointed that we won't have a new episode next week, as I'm hoping that the show bounced back to the "M-Deductionist/Gun Full of Drugs" portion of the season's quality. I may be jinxing it, yes, but still, positive thoughts!

  ...Like this: only five more episodes to go this season! I've come to far to give up now! :D


  1. Glad to see that the episodes are improving. Hope they keep up this quality.

    Miss Hudson is a great addition to the show. They will probably bring in Moriarty in the season finale.


    1. Yes, me too! I was hoping the show was going to turn out as good as this episode.

      And the chance of seeing their Moriarty is another reason I haven't given up yet. I hope he's as good as his predecessors...