Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More Parody Riechenbach Theories

  Well, a couple months ago, I wrote a post with some crack-y theories as to how Cumberlock survived falling from a building in "The Riechenbach Fall" episode of Sherlock. Well, I got more ideas! So here they are, back by no one's demand!

  - Molly had a Phoenix Down
  - Molly captured a Reaper. (Somewhere across town, either Anderson, Donavan, or Sebastian the guy from the stock market fell down dead...)
  - The Oswin Oswald Effect, or alternatively...
  - The Rory Williams Effect
  - He had a Ganger
  - The Bad Wolf brought him back
  - Deal with the Devil. 'Nuff said.
  - His body died, but his spirit travelled outside of time and he was eventually reborn as Sherlock The White
  - He was Moriarty's horcrux, and when he died, he had the chance to come back, and did so.
  - A wizard did it
  -Molly was a former Weapon X scientist, and loaded Sherlock up with a healing factor

  ... And finally...

  -He just has the same immortality comic book characters have. They're dead a while, then they come back by some weird contrivance.

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