Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Loveable Freak Presents: Sherlock Holmes and the Chest of Reality (A fanfic): Chapter 4

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                                        Chapter Four
                                         Sorting Out

   Sherlock watched as many young people were called and sorted into their Houses.

  “Irene Adler.”

  “Slytherin.” He thought. Sherlock had made a sort of game out of predicting the results. “SLYTHERIN!” The Hat announced. Sherlock smiled. “I'm four for four.”


 After several names were called, Professor McGonagall announced his name. “Sherlock Holmes!” Sherlock took a deep breath and sat on the stool, then had the hat placed upon his head.

 “Hmm... Not a Gryffindor?” The Hat said. “Don't fancy yourself a hero? Shame. Ah, but not a Slytherin either? Well, you have so much resourcefulness! Intelligence! You don't care much for the rules! You have the seeds of greatness, Mr. Holmes! Oh, well. That leaves you with Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. And we wouldn't want to waste that intelligence, now would we, Mr. Holmes? RAVENCLAW!”

  The Hat was removed from his head and Sherlock made his way to the Ravenclaw's table as his classmates applauded. Sherlock saw Molly smiling, and John beaming with pride. Sherlock sat down and put up with the other Ravenclaws' pats on the back as he watched the proceedings.

  “Molly Hooper.”

  Sherlock sat up a little, and craned over a seventh-year to see her. He was curious where she would get sorted. He ignored the other children's teasing of “Ooh! Holmes has a crush!” and, “Sherlock in love!” To better hear The Hat.


  Sherlock slumped down. He'd rather hoped Molly would turn out to be a Ravenclaw. So he'd at least have someone familiar to talk to at the table. Molly waved from the Hufflepuff table. Sherlock awkwardly waved back.

  “Peter Jones.”

   “Gryffindor.” Sherlock thought, though he was growing bored of the game. “GRYFFINDOR!” The Hat announced. Sherlock was only half-listening now. “Well, I should be forming a plan, anyway.”


  After what felt like hours, John was finally called up. Sherlock sat up again to see John, prompting more teasing. “Gryffindor!” The Hat triumphantly proclaimed. “Called it.” Sherlock said to himself. He smiled at John, who gave Sherlock an awkward thumbs up.

  Headmaster Dumbledore stood up at his podium. “Welcome, to another year at Hogwarts. I hope that everyone here will find what they are looking for. And even if they don't, that they will find what they need...”

  The upperclassmen around Sherlock mumbled about what they were “looking for”, and how they “needed” to eat. Sherlock simply took a sip out of his goblet, nothing more. He scowled. He didn't need to eat, he needed to get home. That's what he was looking for.

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  1. If I was writing this it would have taken me an hour and a long shower to think of which houses I shouldl make them get sorted into. =) but that's just me.