Friday, June 15, 2012

Bear With Me, Guys...

Hey everyone. Sorry I've been quiet so long. You deserve an explanation. You see, I'm in the process of moving, so I am temporarily without computer. In fact, this very post is coming from an iPod Touch. Which, while good for MANY things, is very ineffective at keeping up blog posts compared to a computer. I do think iPod is alright for commenting, however. That, and the iffy Internet connection where I am. I promise, I'll only be gone a few more days. When everything's settled, I'll get right back to posting. In fact, here's some of the posts I have planned: -A little piece on why I might not be enjoying The Eleventh Doctor so far, unlike The Ninth and Tenth. -Maybe some more MSTs. -Some Reviews of The Guy Richie Sherlock Holmes movies and episodes of BBC's Sherlock. -More of my thoughts on Elementary whenever I see the new trailer. (YouTube doesn't work well from my location >:( ) -And you know how I said I was working on a Sherlock and Harry Potter Crossover fanfic? Well, when I get my computer back, I'll finish typing it up (I already wrote all of it, I'm just copying it to a word document so I can have a better corrections), copy it to Blogger, and post each chapter. I've even contemplated a joke trailer for it. I didn't djust change my mind about that/forget it, you know... ... So that's why I've been (and will be) gone a while. Not because I died and was revived. Not because I quit but realized I couldn't. Not because I was kidnapped and tortured by Critics United for openly disapproving of them on The Half World (I think I'll post my thoughts on THEM later, too...). I swear, in a few days, I'll be back, and you'll have my ramblings again. So, just bear with me, guys (*gasp* just like in the title!) So for now, I'll guess I'll talk to you later. And thanks for your patience... :)

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