Monday, January 2, 2012


  So, it's 2012. Well, if we're all going to die this year (which I highly doubt. There's evidence out there against it, but does anyone listen? Noooooooo....) it would be an awesome year to end. Because...

  1. The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra comes out this year! (AND IT LOOKS AWESOME!)

2. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. That is all..


    Yup, the world may possibly end (which I still have skepticism about). But hey, at least it'll end with watching Legend of Korra on the Internet while playing KH:3D before heading to the movies to get my fill of Hawkeye, Black Widow and Robert Downey Jr.'s combined awesomeness. I'm totally content with that.


  1. If i die without getting to see sherlock holmes 3....there's gonna be a problem....hence is why there shall be a 2013...I'm sure the the damn Mians that made the calander end at 2012 made a side note some where about not ending until sherlock 3 and the avengers 2 came out ^_^ and yea ik random chick but I promise I'm not a creeper. I'm just bored ;D

  2. A very excellent point. If the world ends before Sherlock 3 I'll be mad.

    I personally like to think the Mayans were like: "Kay, this calendar's done, time to start the new one!" but then they were killed off. But your theory's awesome, too!

    And I totally don't mind comments! :)

  3. Hahaha your theory sounds more logical ^_^ by far. I had a funny thought that maybe they just got super smart all of the sudden, made a time machine and is now stuck with the about puttin a damper in your day XP

  4. That sounds awesome, too. I would love to see on the news: "Archeologists Discover Time Machine Blueprints In Mayan Temple"!

  5. Bahaha oh my god that would make my life....if that happens... consider me psychic ^_^