Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Worlds For KH3D (And My Suggestions)

 So, I know two of the new worlds in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. One is a Hunchback of Notre Dame world and apparently Pinocchio is getting a new world, too. Oh, and Traverse Town will have two new districts.

 Anyway, I had some ideas for potential Kingdom Hearts Worlds:


World Name: Corona

Why: Well, one of the themes in Tangled is following your dreams. And this is DREAM Drop Distance. Eh? Eh?

Story: *NOTE, I'm assuming the story'll be like Birth By Sleep, with Sora doing one part, and Riku doing the other, so that's sort of what I'm doing here* Sora will help Rapunzel and Flynn get to the Kingdom, and Riku will drop in when Flynn gets arrested, help him bust out of the dungeon, and get to Rapunzel's tower.


World Name: ... I got nuthin'

Why: 'Cause it's awesome. 'Nuff said, true believers.

Story: ... Again, I got nuthin', Avengers won't be out in time. :(


World Name: Danville or Tri-State Area

Why: Awesomeness/Hey, Neku's the first Non-Final Fantasy Square character in KH, why can't Phineas, Ferb, and the Gang be the first non-movie Disney characters to be in KH?

Story: Mini-Game World. Sora helps the boys with what they're gonna do that day (complete with rhythm game for the necessary musical number!), while Riku helps Agent P thwart Doctor Doofenshimrtz!


 So, those are my ideas. Anyone got any ideas? Anyone agree/disagree with mine? Let me know in the handy-dandy comment box!

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